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Sept. 21 Training/Admin Meeting Minutes


S. Cassell, C. Farley, D. Fay, N. Fetterhof, A. Glenn, J. Gray, C.J. Griffith, D. Hanvey, C. Miller, D. Miller, C. Teschner


  • Medic 17 is out of service, no date on return to service yet. In the meantime Squad 1740 is established as QRV (Quick Response Vehicle) which if staffed by medic can operate ALS but cannot transport patients. Dan Fay will request volunteers to schedule themselves for the QRV (anyone with live scan is able to respond to a call, min. uniform is MCFD shirt and hat).

  • Chief Miller is out of town next Sat-Sun, so firefighters are asked to step up to respond to any call with QRV and/or engine.

  • Chris Farley and Corey Teschner volunteered to to lead new flag pole installation project (with landscaping and lighting - MCFA will pay).

  • Check training board in Fire Hall for upcoming training opportunities. Following are at Shasta College:


  • Sep. 30-Oct. 1 - CSAA Leadership Training at MCFD. Sat. 8-5, Sun. 8-12.

  • Oct. 7 Fireman’s Ball at the Mercantile. $65 per person. Semi-formal with dancing, casino, food, drinks. All proceeds go to Rod Ives Memorial Fund to support paramedics in McCloud. It is s fundraiser not a firefighter event, so no uniforms. Cindy requested folks to help as dealers (blackjack etc.) for 2 1/2 hour blocks, and as bartenders for 3 hr. blocks. Those who commit "quality" time can have tickets comp'd.


Today’s training is on process for going out on fire incidents as overhead (e.g. RADO), and air gas monitor use/testing.

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