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Oct. 5 Training/Admin Meeting Minutes


S. Cassell, J. Dewitt, D. Fay, P. Girard, J. Gray, CJ Griffith, C. Miller, S. Oliver, S. Prouty, C. Teschner, D. Torres


  • Medic 17 is back in service. Glow plug module was not able to be replaced, so the old one was reinstalled. The ambulance should run fine, but check engine light will continue to light.

  • Fireman's Ball - no uniforms please

  • Daniel Torres is here to volunteer with the department


  • Oct. 7 Fireman’s Ball at the Mercantile. $65 per person. Semi-formal with dancing, casino, food, drinks. All proceeds go to Rod Ives Memorial Fund to support paramedics in McCloud.


  • Training tonight will be medical calls. 51% of calls to date this year have been medical. Will cover "skinny" EMR basics

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