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Nov. 9 Training/Admin Meeting Minutes


A. Bolado, S. Cassell, D. Fay, P. Girard, R. Harrison, M. Huddleston, J. Lewis, C. Miller, D. Miller, D. Torres, T. Vogus


  • The McCloud Fireman's Assoc. met last night. They would like to have a dinner for firefighters at the Fire House on Thurs. Dec. 14 at 6 p.m. Spouses/significant others are welcome.

  • Our third medic should be starting next Monday. Three medic shifts are A (Sean), B (Rich) and C (now Charlie, then new)

  • Chief Miller met with insurance representative for ISO rating. Looks like we may be able to stay rated at 3 (out of 10), which is outstanding for a rural dept. We fell short in pre-plans, logging training and apparatus checks, looking at Emergency Reporting software to help with that. Chief learned that 1715 is considered "half a truck" so will not be going into parade mode.

  • Everyone should have a Task Book for the job they are in, and hopefully for the next job up. They are in binders in Fire Hall.

  • E1717 is ready to pick up, just waiting for check to pay.

  • We are switching to AT&T Firstnet for all iPads and two FD cell phones. There will be an iPad in every engine.


  • Veteran's Day parade from the Legion Nov. 11 3 p.m..

  • FD delivers Santa to the Museum on Dec. 1 (Dan volunteered)

  • MCFA/MCFD dinner (with Santa) Dec. 14 6 p.m.

  • There will be no trainings on 11/23 (Thanksgiving), 12/14 or 12/21.


  • Training tonight will be on first due in operations

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