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Jan. 11 Training/Admin Meeting Minutes


A. Bolado, S. Cassell, D. Fay, P. Girard, J. Gray, C.J. Griffith, R. Harrison, M. Huddleston, D. Miller, S. Oliver, D. Ponzini, D. Torres, T. Vogus


  • Chief needs everyone to sign up with COS (Mysiskiyous) for Thursday night trainings, which are considered a COS class.  Each dept member who signs up generates funding for the County Fire Warden.

  • Chief Miller is going to Vermont on Saturday, teaching 1/16-18.  Back on 1/21.

  • Utility 1700 has broken down, is at MCSD for service. Medic 17 needs to go to Mt. Shasta on 1/24 for servicing, A. Bolado volunteered to drive.

  • A used ambulance is being picked up from the county tomorrow, will be placed in service after it is fully checked out and equipped.

  • Scheduled EMT class has been cancelled due to insufficient students signing up.

  • Be aware that MCFD is supported by two CSAs (County Service Areas). CSA 3 sets tax for EMS service only including ambulance, funding the dept at $25,000 per year.   CSA 4 is same as ZIB, $40,000 per year for fire suppression in residential neighborhoods outside McCloud.  All dept personnel are welcome to attend CSA meetings.

  • EmergencyReporting app - what we use to track all incidents.  It ties to Rover, so be sure to use Rover to respond on tablets in dept vehicles.   This is also how the dept tracks volunteer points for going out on incidents.  The app has many other capabilities, and we will start using it to track training and apparatus checks.

  • New radio communication procedures are coming from dispatch, mostly affecting incident command


  • Firefighter survival at COS Fire Academy starts 1/22, Chief Miller will teach. Dept personnel are welcome to monitor.

  • Company Officer 2B class is 2/16-18 at COS.  Fri, Sat and Sun.  No prerequisite.   Same class at Lassen College the following weekend.

  • Inspector training series starts in February.  Must sign up all four classes at COS, and take in order.  Building fire inspections.


  • Training tonight will be on pulling attack lines, and driving/pumping.

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