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Aug. 3 2023 Training/Admin Mtg Minutes


S. Cassell, C. Farley, D. Fay, N. Fetterhof, C.J. Griffith, W. Lachenmyer, D. Miller, S.

Oliver, S. Prouty, C. Teschner, Jeff (visitor)


· Air compressor is installed and functioning. We will go over its use tonight.

· CSFA email going out to department members – don’t start or pay for the process. Charlie will follow up.

· Medic 17 monthly is this Saturday at 10 a.m. Come and help if you can.

· Monthlies on all department vehicles happen per schedule at Firehouse

· Saturday 8/5 at 9 a.m. come to learn about new procedures for out of county fire


· E1717 pump is broken until it can be repaired. Bearings and seals were damaged at last training due to tank fill line not being open to cool the pump while tank was pumping without hydrant. Drivers will be needed to transport the engine to Lodi/Modesto area next week. E1717 can still roll with aux. pump

· MCSD approved hiring two new paramedics

· New contract with CSA3 reimburses $25,000 per year for Medic 17

· Coding MEDICAL calls in NFIRS:

o 320: AMA

o 321/322: We transported in Medic 17

o 661: Mt. Shasta or other agency transported (even if we assessed the patient)


· Sat. Aug 5 out of county assignment meeting 9 a.m.

· Sat. Aug 5 Medic 17 monthly check 10 a.m


Today’s training is on SCBAs.

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